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China Green


China Green is a Louisville, Kentucky born sweetheart. The oldest of five children born from Norman & Ajeania Green. While the rest of her siblings fell in love with sports, she fell in love with the arts. China attempted basketball, track, dance team & volleyball but was not content. One day her parents took her family to a major motion movie audition, and she was the one chosen for the role. Filming in the movie, Dreamer was the first time China experienced what it takes to create a movie she immediately became a sponge. She couldn’t get enough and her parents saw that passion spark in her so they continued to ignite the flame by putting her in the Lexington Children’s Theatre company where she landed her first theatrical role in Amazing Grace. China was conflicted, theatre or film? Despite all, she knew getting better was necessary for expansion and elevation. She wanted to fill her toolbox. She started singing backup for her moms performances, singing at local events, joining a dance company and overall preparing herself to not only be an actress but a triple threat performer. She asked her mom to take her to audition for the competing School for the Creative and Performing Arts (SCAPA). China was not accepted as a vocal major but was accepted as a theatre major and contemporary dance minor. During her education at SCAPA she developed the “work” part of acting. She learned its history, technique, script analysis etc. She performed a plethora of plays and musicals during her stay at SCAPA. When senior year arrived everyone was figuring out what college to go to. China never wanted to go to college. She knew at a young age systematic education settings were not for her. She researched and found New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. A film and television school, where she could now focus more on film and tv; rather than the theatre training she experienced at SCAPA; and she could still get a degree! China auditioned and was accepted! The small town country girl was taking her talents to the big apple in New York City. Before her NYC arrival, China had to take a pit stop in Tennessee where she filmed her first TV appearance on a show called IShine Kinect. After, wrapping the show in Tennessee, her parents and her drove to the big apple. Life had truly began for her. The day she turned 18 was the day she arrived in New York City. China somehow managed being a nanny & a barista while being in school. China studied competitively and intensely for two years strong at NYCDA.
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