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Shel'Yailah Yahaira, born in Ceiba, Puerto, Rico, hailing from Jacksonville, Florida, has a very powerful and inspiring voice that reaches across audiences of all ages and reaches the deepest depths of the soul. She began singing at the tender age of 3 years old around her room and anywhere she went regardless if she had an audience or not. Shel'Yailah has a voice beyond her years that captures the attention of an entire room at first note. Her love for music came from witnessing her very own mother's creativity as an independent artist. Shel'Yailah began writing at the age of 15. It wasn't until the summer of 2018 when she accompanied her mother to Nashville, TN, that Shel'Yailah informed her parents that she wanted to take her love of music from the pages of her journal and share it with the world. To show them how serious she was, Shel'Yailah presented her mom with "My Heart". It was very well written and arranged, this was a wake up call that a star had emerged, ready to shine bright. "My Heart" was released January 26, 2019, instantly becoming a hit. Creating a buzz and becoming a local household name, Shel'Yailah left the audience wanting much more. She soon began working on her follow up single release "Temptation" debuting June 2020. She dreams of one day being able to share her gift with the world in hopes of encouraging the youth that nothing is impossible when you work hard and when you believe your dreams were meant to become reality.

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